Internet penetration in India is witnessing a new high. With the prices of mobile data and smartphones being ever-so affordable, more and more people are engaging in the services offered on the internet. When all aspects of our lives are so heavily dependent on digital services, establishing an identity of your business on the internet becomes imperative. That is what you need a search engine like Finndit for.

The entrepreneurial spirit in the country is awakening. An increasing number of people, especially the younger generation are willing to set up their own business ventures. They rely on the internet for shopping and services themselves. Thus, they understand the value of being present on the internet with your company or products. For that, you need to list your business on a search engine or a business listing website. There are quite a few options of where one could post the business.

Finndit is the fastest growing search engine in the country. Having been established in 2020, it has already managed to list over 21 lakhs of businesses on its platform. Such kind of growth is rare indicating the value that people are driving from it. In addition to that, Finndit has a presence in 11 countries and is expanding rapidly. The platform already has over 1,900 business subcategories for people to search from. These include local vendors of stationery, general stores, mechanics, medical facilities, labs, boutiques, salons, spas, gyms, restaurants, hotels, groceries, couriers, education, dance, baby care, event organisers, industrial products, finance, sports, weddings, etc.

The services that Finndit offers are unmatched by its traditional competitors. While the other business listing platforms only list the companies, Finndit offers additional tools to enhance online visibility and presence. These include a plethora of digital marketing techniques and tools that could be deployed to experience the results in real-time.

Some of these special features include verified listing, business logo, website, 3D graphics, photoshoots, videos, banners, digital flyers, brochures, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media and review management, digital PR, updated business information (email, address, 3D location, working hours, phone number, etc), content management, blogs, and much more.

All these auxiliary tools empower the digital credentials of any business listed on the platform. Once you list your business online, these tools will further aid to improve the visibility of your business. The users will be able to view your company in search results, as well as on the Finndit website or mobile app leveraging its user base. Finndit is available on Android and iOS for people searching for a store nearby while on the go. For others, the Finndit website is well organised in terms of the layout of the categories and the interface is user friendly.

In inference, the need to digitise your business can’t be stressed upon enough. The local vendors have a chance at selling their products directly to the customers through the e-commerce platform that is a part of Finndit. You don’t need to design your own platform to allow consumers to buy directly from you. The most relevant aspect of this is the fact that Finndit offers all these services at extremely affordable prices which is what the small and medium scale businesses need.

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