Chemical, electrical power, ecological, food & drink processing and packaging, marine, manufacturing, oil & gas, and drug industry all employ liquid ring vacuum pumps. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are a safe and reliable solution for managing filthy and potentially harmful gas streams due to their simple operation and lack of interacting parts. 

Working Principle Of Liquid Ring Vaccum Pump:

As the impeller spins, the seal liquid forms a ring inside the pump body, trapping gas in small chambers. The rotor’s axis is offset from the body, allowing the liquid to almost fill and then virtually empty each rotor chamber in a single revolution, compressing the gas for pumping action.

The flow pathways for the gas mixture being handled are provided by a vacuum intake and an atmospheric discharge port. The heat of the gas compression is dissipated in the seal liquid, and some of it flows out to discharge. The residual water discharge and exhaust gas are isolated from the gas stream and sent to the house exhaust and the pump, respectively.

Features Of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps:

Accepts Carryover – The pump is unaffected by soft solids, moisture, slugs, chemicals, and other contaminants. These contaminants will be flushed away by the pump’s discharge.

Cool and Quiet Operation – Due to the movement of the sealing water inside the pump, the pump runs cool. The procedure is relatively quiet, with noise levels not exceeding 85 decibels.

Pump Can Work Constantly – The pump can function continuously at any vacuum level, from 29 inches of mercury to air pressure.

Simple Maintenance – Liquid ring vacuum pumps are made strong and have only one component: the rotor, which is mounted on a shaft and stabilized by a set of bearings that are designed for long-term operation. This benefits the user by reducing wear and making maintenance easier and more inexpensive.

Environmental – Pumps do not need an oil change, filter, oil pans, condenser, or other maintenance. As a result, plant rooms are kept clean, with no oil contamination or oil discharge into drains.

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