You might be hearing about this scroll air compressor in your schools and also in engineering classes as well. What does that for and where these are used and how it works? Once in your life, you might have come across for sure and these are applicable and connected nearly to everyone. A scroll compressor is a type of compressor that moves in a circular motion rather than up and down like a piston. Scroll compressors are replacing reciprocating compressors in HVAC systems because they are more reliable and efficient.

A scroll compressor has two scrolls: one fixed scroll that stays stationary and another moving or circling scroll that revolves via a swing link.

When this happens, the refrigerant pockets between the two scrolls are gradually pushed to the centre of the two scrolls, resulting in a drop in gas volume. It is then discharged to the condenser through the central port.

How Does A Scroll Air Compressor work?

You know what this is made up of two spirals or scrolls. One scroll moves, while the other remains stationary (attached to the compressor body). The first scroll orbits (rotates) in a route set by the fixed scroll that it is paired with. The compressor’s crankshaft is attached to the orbiting scroll.

Gas pockets develop between the two scrolls as a result of the scroll’s movement. The pockets suck in gas at the scroll’s edges and then migrate towards the scroll’s centre, where the compressed gas is expelled. The temperature and pressure of the gas rise as it flows into smaller and smaller interior pockets. The motion of the compressor scrolls achieves the desired discharge pressure.


Scroll compressors have been effectively employed in

  • Food and fruit refrigeration
  • Truck transportation
  • Pumping systems
  • Marine containers
  • Residential and small to medium size commercial air-conditioning applications since their introduction.


The advantage of a scroll compressor over a reciprocating compressor is that it has fewer moving parts and less torque variation. This benefit translates to a quiet and smooth operation. This is sometimes referred to as a scroll vacuum pump or a scroll pump.

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