The popularity of online distance learning has increased access to education and flexibility for students all around the world. However, selecting the best platform can take some time due to the abundance of options. We have everything you need if you’re searching for something other than Google Classroom!

Here are ten fantastic tools to think about, each with special advantages and considerations.

  1. Moodle LMS

This widely used online learning tool offers a great deal of customisation. Instructors can design entire courses complete with forums, tests, assignments, and all the extras. You are free to alter and modify it as much as you like because it is open-source. The drawback is that the correct setup will require some technical knowledge.

  1. Canvas LMS

Creating courses with Canvas is simple and easy because of its user-friendly design. With its chat rooms, discussion boards, and real-time collaboration capabilities, it’s excellent for promoting communication. However, the free version has limitations, so if you want all the features, individual teachers may locate the expensive plans.

  1. AhaSlides

AhaSlides facilitates interactive presentations and brainstorming to liven up online classes. Real-time surveys, tests, and Q&A sessions encourage active participation from students. Even though it’s not an LMS, it greatly increases engagement.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Teams work nicely with online learning for Office 365 customers. It’s perfect for collaborative work since it allows for real-time co-authoring, file sharing, and video chatting.

Basic services may be accessed for free, but more sophisticated capabilities require a paid subscription.

  1. Blackboard Learn

A reputable LMS with a comprehensive toolkit for creating orderly online courses. strong grading systems, communication platforms, and assessment tools. There is a learning curve, though, and the UI may occasionally be awkward.

  1. Showbie

Designed with educators in mind, Showbie effectively simplifies operations. Real-time feedback, digital annotations, and simple assignment creation. Excellent for multimedia student work and creative themes other than essays.

  1. Using Excalidraw

With the help of the portable, collaborative sketching application Excalidraw, students may express their creativity in real-time. They can use it to create mind maps, generate ideas, or just see thoughts as a group.

They can use it to create mind maps, generate ideas, or just see thoughts as a group. Although it’s not a comprehensive learning management system, it works great for interactive visual thinking and problem-solving exercises.

  1. WordPress

Unexpectedly, WordPress may be a useful tool for online education. Teachers may create a mini learning portal on their WordPress website by using plugins such as LearnDash or LifterLMS. If the teacher configures it that way, students can enrol, take courses, and even take part in gamification activities. The drawback is that maintaining its updates and correctly configuring it requires some technical know-how

  1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS has a ton of strong capabilities because it is designed for corporate staff training.

Learner progress statistics with great detail, tailored lesson recommendations, and adaptive learning pathways. Though somewhat overkill if you’re only looking for something basic for your classroom, it’s undoubtedly a powerful system. In comparison to other solutions, it may also grow somewhat expensive.

  1. Edmodo

Edmodo is a K–12 educational social media network. It establishes a secure virtual environment in which students may communicate, have debates, get assignments from their instructors, and engage in other activities. The drawback is that its capabilities might not be as complete for usage in secondary education or at the college level because it was created with younger kids in mind.


Here’s a brief overview to get you started on your exploration of online learning systems. When making a decision, consider your needs specifically, your financial situation, and your level of comfort with technology. The perfect platform supports and aids in the creation of interesting courses.

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