Start. Don’t stop reading this. See how easy it is to take a positive step? So many of us get stuck on being stuck that we can’t find great reasons to move forward. This summer, let’s keep moving and get this summer party started!


Summertime trends seem to expose personal vulnerabilities. Self-deprecating statements like these too often get in our way:

  1. I shouldn’t wear a bathing suit.
  2. People will make fun of the scars left on my body after such a long recovery.
  3. I am never good at exercise.
  4. I can’t have fun if I can’t hide my body.

These familiar examples of negative self-talk are detrimental to our health, our self-esteem and our personal progress. In each statement sample, there is not one shred of positivity to be found. Let’s restate them for a better feel:

  1. I think that new bathing suit ensemble can work for me.
  2. My recovery has motivated me to show the world how hard I have worked to be myself again.
  3. I can start exercising right now and feeling better about myself.
  4. I can have fun in any summer outfit I choose.

Repeating positive thoughts every time there is a negative thought rebuilds neural pathways toward healthier thinking and living. Healthy survival commands crucial strategies that help to quickly release negative thinking. Replace negativity with mind-boosting reminders and affirmations. It may sound silly, but it works.


Achieving any goal is a far cry from perfection. Considering perfection as a misnomer is an eye-opener for those who believe in all-or-nothing thinking, black and white thinking and other limiting behaviors or thoughts. This is actually good news because it’s the key that unlocks the door to success.

Changing the word “perfection” to “permission” means summer plans just got a whole lot more relaxing and stress-free. That means appreciating the gifts instead of expecting the unrealistic. We all want to be at our best. Perfection is not our best because it is humanly unachievable. Our best is the permission we give ourselves to embrace who we are with passion, compassion and motivation. No summer perfection is required.


Self-sabotage is as easy as the day is long. Telling ourselves dieting, exercising or even resting is too hard sets the stage for potential failure, and we know it when we say it. It’s the excuse that stands in for so many fears and doubts. What if we changed this mindset to read, “It’s not hard.”? See how the different challenges the brain to accept the notion of potential possibilities for a positive outcome?


This is another favorite go-to perspective for many of us. When fear or doubt creeps in, use mind-opening, honest images of people of all shapes, sizes and colors having fun at the beach. The beach is designed and ready for everyone, especially you. You don’t have to be perfect and you can feel comfortable. A lot of this is an internal mindset, but if things like tummy control swimwear help you feel better to start, it won’t hurt.

Singling ourselves out as less-than is harsh and wasted energy. The gift of self-acceptance for a cool, calm and collected summer is everything we deserve.


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