Sports that are completed in the snow can be difficult to start with as they tend to require large amounts of gear for warmth and protection. Snowsports such as sledding, skiing and snowboarding frequently take place in subfreezing temperatures with snow and ice. Those who are looking to start practicing a winter sport should first consider the gear they need to stay safe and warm.

Gear for Warmth

The amount of gear that exists to keep a person warm can be overwhelming. Those who participate in snow sports are frequently decked out from head to toe in clothing and accessories.

Head and Neck

Hats and scarves are the best way to keep heads and necks warm. Earmuffs or snoods are also a great option to warm the ears or neck.

Trunk, Arms and Legs

The key to participants keeping arms, legs and trunks warm is to dress in layers. Most find that it’s best to start with warm undergarments such as long underwear. Sweatshirts, jackets, heavy winter coats and snow pants are also essential to staying warm on the slopes.


In order to keep their fingers and toes warm and toasty, beginners of snow sports should consider mittens, gloves, boots and socks. Adding foot warmers or hand warmers is also a great way to add some extra heat.

Gear for Safety

Because of the nature of snow sports, it’s important to wear appropriate safety gear when preparing for the slopes. Falls on the ice, even at slow speeds, poses a severe risk for injury.

The most important component of safety gear is a helmet. Helmets not only help to reduce the risk for head injuries like concussions and skull fractures, but they also help protect the wearer from death related to traumatic brain injury.

You should also make efforts to keep your eyes covered and safe. Snow hitting your eyes at high speeds can be very painful, and ice can be outright dangerous. Being able to see where you are going will help you avoid hitting obstacles and other people, as well as keep you on course. Make sure you invest in some quality snow goggles.

Emergency Equipment

It’s also important to carry a variety of safety equipment when first preparing for the slopes. Items like a first aid kit are essential if an injury does occur. A snow shovel is also important in the event of an avalanche or collapse of snow.

Those who are learning snow sports for the first time should consider how to stay safe and warm on the slopes. Items like hats, scarves, coats and snow pants can help keep the body warm while helmets and first aid kits are important to carry for safety.

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