Fall is around the corner, which means cooler weather and the return of pumpkin spice. Unfortunately, many people aren’t very enthusiastic about the autumn months because they believe all of their family fun time is over.

Luckily, there are plenty of things that can be done in the fall, especially for families who live near freshwater. Five freshwater activities worth trying include:


Football fans love tailgating their favorite teams. Take it up a notch and host a football party on a boat. This is an especially fun activity for people whose stadium is close to the lake. That way, fans can still soak up that traditional football stadium energy.

Pumpkin Spice Dessert Party

The only thing better than having a warm pumpkin spice treat is enjoying it with a beautiful view. Gathering some loved ones and setting out a small spread to enjoy on the water is the perfect ending to a long fall day.

If pastries aren’t enough, bringing a heartier option like soup or chili will get everyone in the mood. If necessary, make the meal ahead of time and bring warmers on board so they’re heated for hours. Be sure to follow safety precautions to protect everyone on board.


People with bigger boats should consider setting up a tent on board. Looking at the moon as the water ripples is a peaceful and unique experience. Best of all, it’s less likely a bear or other woodland creatures will spook any campers on the water.


Of course, fishing should always be an option when it comes to freshwater boat activities. Sea bass fans will really love going out freshwater fishing during the fall season since they’re extremely active during these months. Freshwater fishing is so fun it’s worth taking the family out, even if that means coming home empty-handed.

Leaf Peeping

Watching the leaves change is a tradition. Intensify the gathering by watching them on the lakefront. Pack a camera, put on your Sea Level Swimwear, grab some yummy treats, cocoa, and relax under a myriad of beautiful leaves.

Transitioning into cooler months can be a breeze with the right activities. These fall freshwater ideas are fun for everyone, regardless of age. Don’t have a boat? Rent one. Who knows, water outings like fishing or sterngating may end up one of the traditions the family looks forward to every year.

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