As more and more states legalize cannabis, there is more confusion between terms like hemp, CBD, and THC. These all fall under the basic cannabis umbrella, but there are major differences if you are wanting to know the difference between CBD gummies and hemp gummies.

They are very popular edibles that consumers take for a variety of benefits. Because marijuana legality is a complex issue, it can be unclear what’s legal and where it’s legal. It’s important to know know what differences these gummies can do.

How Are They Different?

They may be derived from the same plants sometimes, but they are quite different substances.

CBD gummies contain cannabidiol (where the acronym is derived) which is derived from the leaves and stems of a cannabis sativa plant. The plants also produce the more well-known THC, the substance that can get you high.

Hemp gummies, on the other hand, are made from hemp seed oil and contain no cannabidiol. They also contain no THC, so there is no high from using it.

So, while they often get lumped together, they are very different structurally. They do provide their own set of benefits.

What Benefits Do They Provide?

Even though they are not the same thing, there are benefits from both substances.

CBD gummies are touted as an excellent option to relieve stress and anxiety. For example, they have grown in popularity among professional golfers to help them stay calm in high-stress situations.

Along with that, there are also promising claims that they help with sleep issues. This is a great alternative to pharmaceutical sleep medicine, as these are natural substances.

As for hemp gummies, they help with other issues. They are well known as an anti-inflammatory, so they are great at reducing swelling as well as relieving pain. Plus, these properties also help as a treatment for acne.

In addition, they are also used to help with digestive issues. It’s a great alternative for those who are struggling with chronic gut problems. 

With edibles like these, effects can take 30 minutes to an hour to set in. It takes time for the food to break and the substance enters your system.

These gummies have their benefits, but some consumers might be looking for a substance that can do more. There is currently an over-the-counter option that might catch some interest.

Potential Alternative

It’s hard to go to any convenience store these days without a big kratom sign somewhere in eyesight.

With all the advertising, you might be wondering what is kratom? It’s a growingly popular herb that’s made from a tree native to southeast Asia. It’s currently not illegal, which means the FDA hasn’t ruled on it yet.

Traditionally, it was used for medical purposes. Lately, it has become popular for recreational use, where it acts like an opioid or stimulant. It supposedly helps users with feelings of pleasure and pain relief.

There is not much information on its use, it’s currently undergoing study. Until anything changes, it will be legal nearly everywhere. Those giant green kratom signs will still be in your face.

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