E-liquid is the most important element of a vape and e-liquid is classified in two forms. Here today we will be sharing some important ideas about PG E-Liquids and VG E-Liquids. PG refers to Propylene Glycol and VG refers to Vegetable Glycerin. It doesn’t mean one is safe and another one is not while hearing the full form of it. Obviously, if one hears about Vegetable Glycerin some of them for sure, will think it’s safer. Doesn’t refer to the same, because both are generally safe to use for humans.

For a vape user, the importance of selecting an e-liquid is something great. With a quick purchase, anybody can buy the best quality Vape Kits online from the reputed online vape shop. The trend of the traditional cigars is really disturbing and people around us are behind electronic cigarettes and that is really safe for health as well.

PG is colorless and moreover, its odorless product comes under petroleum. Also, it possesses an extraordinary taste because of its lower viscosity than VG. As if the PG is managed higher in e-liquids, it carries the flavor to the e-liquid at its best. Basically, pod vapes, small starter kits, and even vape pens use a PG ratio of around 50 to 70%. However, e-liquid with base form PG is most suitable for newbie vape users. VG is something like a natural derivate taken from vegetable oil Regardless, it’s more viscous than PG.  Let us see which one PG or VG content is safer to use.

PG vs VG E-Liquids –  Which one is safer to use all the time?

Not only in the vape product, the product that we regularly use in the Shampoo, Wipes, Inhalers even contain PG or Propylene Glycol. As it’s proven that the research made on Propylene Glycol is safe for humans and for other living beings as well. In terms of vaping, some contain a higher PG ratio that causes allergic reactions. Such that, reduce the amount and have the same for a better vaping experience.

While coming to VG, this is even used in food items, hand cream, and even in toothpaste. Because of vegetable oil content, when it comes to vaping application it has minimal risk and both VG and PG are safe applications to vape products.

PG and VG should match w.r.t right Coil – Selection is important

Yes, in terms of selecting the coil for PG and VG, You need to connect a coil with 1.0 Ohm with a higher ratio PG e-liquid fr a better lung experience. If it’s more than 1 Ohm, should vape at lower wattage and it’s last all day. In terms of VG, if you go with an option of a 50/50 mixture or a 75/25 divergence is up to you. We’d recommend testing with different ratios until you nail on the best choice for your vaping experience.


Hope now you found the fact behind and interesting information on PG vs VG E-Liquids. Keep an eye on Ventsmags for yet another beautiful update on vaping, e-liquid, and more, stay in touch with our alerts.

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