Your retirement goals may include a new house, a vacation home, or an RV. If you can find a way to spend part of each year, or maybe every day, in the Rockies, you have the chance to enjoy great beauty and an interesting climate. The Rocky Mountains stretch from Montana in the north into Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico.

New Mexico

One of the nicest things about retiring in New Mexico is that you can enjoy small town living while being close to big city conveniences. The suburbs of Albuquerque have a lovely small town feel while circling the biggest city in the state. You will only be an hour from Santa Fe, and there are many state parks for weekend outings, hiking and climbing. The cost of living is lower than the national average while the quality of life is above.


One of the nicest things about retiring in Colorado is that your retirement income tax comes with an exemption of up to $24,000. After 65, you may also qualify for a homestead exemption. There are areas of this lovely state that can be quite expensive, but the amenities for mountain lovers are completely worth it. The stretch from the Denver Metro area to Colorado Springs offers a lot of retirement options, and if you’re looking for houses for sale in Superior, CO then you have easy access to the mountains and the city.


While the Rockies are generally considered a north to south mountain range, the entire area known as the Rocky Mountains is actually multiple mountain ranges with a wide variety of different features. If you love to climb and hike, consider a retirement home in one of the many suburbs of Salt Lake City, such as Clearfield. From here you can journey east to the Uinta Mountains, one of the few ranges in the states that runs from east to west. Of course, you can also take a trip south to the glorious Zion National Park. One of the biggest benefits to retirees in Utah is that there are many hospitals in the state and quality care is generally quite close. Utah is also traditionally a low crime state.


If you love privacy and quiet, retiring in Wyoming may be your dream goal. From mountains to rodeos and train travel to bicycling, fans of the great outdoors will love this high, arid state. Even better, Wyoming is a tax friendly state and the cost of living is low. If you like a bit more community, you may enjoy living in one of the college towns, such as Laramie.


Idaho offers a nice mix of open spaces and community for those in the retirement age bracket. The city of Boise offers new construction in the suburbs and loft living downtown, as well as many fitness and wellness facilities friendly to seniors. If you need a bit more room to spread out, check out Post Falls.


The Montana mountains offer some of the most beautiful vistas in the United States. If you would like to view these every day, consider a retirement in Whitefish. This city, near the lovely Kalispell and Glacier National Park, does have a summer tourist season and skiers in the fall. However, there is room on the hiking trails for you as well. When the snow flies, you can stay home and enjoy it!

Life in the Rocky Mountains has many more pluses than minuses. However, if you want to enjoy the mountains, you need to prepare for snow. Depending on how high you live, you may need to prepare for snow in summer! Since mountain living generally means that you do not have to deal with too much heat, many retirees consider this a worthy exchange.


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