Everyone seems to be confused why my competitors are getting the best organic traffic, best AdSense revenue and best conversion. Why I can’t the question seems to be answered and yes. It’s the fact that – online marketing behind the same plays a very vital role in this bringing quality traffic. As a matter of fact, the SEO is not down and the importance exists until Google is there.

As everyone is trusted on Google platform to bring the attention of users or what can us say the clients. Without the clients or the users, our services are like the Dead Sea for sure.

Well, the importance of visibility is what everyone required and the fact is – Google search engine is open and visible to everyone. You can search, you can feed data or content like image, videos, writing anything with the help of the super cool website.

The best way to bring the website on top of the page of Google and to the first position, the role of an SEO Company or the SEO analyst- as if he or she is freelance is heavy.

Role of website and conversion

The importance of a website is clearly visible to everyone who feeds on Google is nothing but – to gain conversion. Through direct clients, if it is a website, or third party or the Google ads like the thing. Besides, getting on top of the SERP is not a simple fact – there were enormous strategies as an SEO company or the Freelancer SEO is to follow. Consider if you reach a client directly or indirectly, if you are an SEO, you would probably advise them how to bring the results. Well, in order to drive the results, you need to possess the organic search traffic, and which can be done by SEO strategies.

Users search and reach the website through search engines referred to as the organic traffic. Well, it is the fact that Google is the trusted platform for everyone to visit and bring the best information and to get information with a single search. Obviously, you might be a website holder in the role and seems like in the search of driving organic search traffic.

Approach an SEO or learning tutorials and finding to do the process is the ways you can make it done. However the Google algorithm is not kid play language and if you fail to make the process of On-page optimization and Off-page optimization – you will be facing negative results.

Get leads with Organic search traffic

Like as everyone knows SEO is a long term process and you are bringing the opportunity to get a door open to others. Organic-search traffic is the right way as I already mentioned and if you do the process of search engine optimization in the right way, it will generate leads in many ways through AdSense, Guest submission, and Product conversion on buying your goods through online. Likewise, many possibilities are there in achieving the results through organic search traffic.

Find the gains by getting some pains at the start is through spending on SEO. You might sometimes be worrying – I’m spending a lot for SEO and I’m not getting conversion and what should I do then. No worries, it’s a long term process and if you start finding the results once – it will be long-lasting as if the SEO analyst followed the right SEO strategy for you.


As of now, you might be understood, the importance of organic search traffic and the role of an SEO for the same. Besides, find the best and follow them until you drive the organic search traffic to find a conversion type of business forever.

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