Starting out in any profession can be an uphill battle. As a new real estate agent, it can be pretty difficult to find new leads, especially since the real estate industry can be a pretty competitive one. As a new estate agent, you do not really have any past experience, no references you can give and you don’t have a network of partners who might be able to help you find clients. For an estate agent lead generation is of utmost importance! So, here are 6 simple ways in which a new real estate agent can get leads.

1 Start with people you know

Say, your neighbour or your family friend is looking to buy or sell a house. Why not try to help them out? For one, there is a factor of mutual trust between you and the people you know, and trust is a very important quality for an estate agent. If you start with people you already know, you might find it easier to understand their tastes and preferences, you will have a fair idea of their budget and you can always use them as references in the future. Also, if you offer to charge them a lower commission than the market rate, it will be an incentive in itself.  

2 Network, network, network

Being a good real estate agent is all about networking. The more you network, the more people you will meet, the more leads you will generate. Attend events at your local chamber of commerce, speak to your neighbours and community people, join groups on social media, attend homeowners association meetings in your area and so on. Talk to people in coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants and cafes. Wherever you go, don’t be afraid to talk to people. And don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! You never know who might be looking for an estate agent!

3 Attend estate agent events

There are so many estate agent events, expos and meetings that take place all the time. Attend these various events to network and to understand your industry a little better. And when you’re there, don’t be afraid to ask experienced and well-known estate agents for advice and tips. Make sure to carry your visiting card, that way you can exchange information with other estate agents, letting agents, potential buyers, new sellers and so on. 

4 Use the power of social media

Advertise yourself and your skills using social media. You can run targeted advertisements on Facebook and Instagram in order to find potential buyers and sellers. You can even use LinkedIn to reach out to like-minded people and advertise to a select audience. On public domains such as Quora and Reddit, you can answer real estate related questions and leave your number in the comments in case people want to get in touch with you. You can even write blogs related to real estate and post them on popular real estate websites. If you have recently started an agency or partnered with other estate agents, estate agency marketing is very important for you. So, while you are marketing yourself, don’t forget to market your agency too. After all, there are quite a few buyers and sellers who prefer to deal with agencies as opposed to individuals.

5 Try to build partnerships

In the real estate industry, partnerships are very important. Build partnerships with insurance companies, mortgage lenders, bankers, real estate inspectors, property surveyors, commercial lenders and so on. Most potential buyers will get in touch with these above-mentioned professionals before they start the process of house hunting – ask these people to refer you to new buyers and sellers. Also, you should build partnerships with cleaning companies, landscapers, staging experts and interior designers. After all, which seller wouldn’t love to have a staging company come to spruce up their place before an open house? In the real estate sector, partnerships are based on reciprocity, so make the most of it! And, for all you know, one of your partners might just hire you as their estate agent in the future! 

6 Attend open houses

Very often, potential buyers attend open houses without an agent. That is a great time to make connections. Introduce yourself, offer your services and put your best foot forward. You might come across many first-time buyers who do not really understand the real estate market; offer to help them through the whole process for a nominal fee. Remember, while profits are important, finding clients and creating a good reputation is equally important, especially for a real estate agent! 

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