Ever since its inception, Dubai-based ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals has been registering phenomenal growth through its ground-breaking solutions. Even when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, the company maintained a steady supply of medical essentials to numerous nations across the globe and received much praise and recognition in return. Let’s meet the team at work behind this rapidly growing pharma player!

Sanjeev Nanda (Managing Director)

An alumnus of prestigious institutions like INSEAD and the Wharton School of Business, Sanjeev Nanda is a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience and numerous successful projects under his belt. He is one of the founders of ISHVAN, and currently serves as its Managing Director. His innovative mindset and achievements in varied sectors such as hospitality, real estate, technology, and pharmaceuticals bring are quite an asset for the company.

Debadutt Mishra (Chief Executive Officer)

Senior management professional with experience of 18 years, Debadutt Mishra holds extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and the oil & natural gas industry. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals. He holds great expertise in leading and managing cross-functional global P&Ls. He also has experience in restructuring, turnarounds, transformation, and functional mandates.

Brandon Joseph (Business Development Director)

With a strong background in private equity, investment research & analytics, venture capital, and investment banking, Brandon Joseph holds leadership experience of over 17 years. Working as the Business Development Director of ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals, he is responsible for tracking new markets and emerging trends, identifying new products and services, leading the client relationship management, developing innovative strategic partnerships and ways to increase revenue.

Mariana Shumaker (Director, Corporate Strategy)

As the Director of Corporate Strategy at ISHVAN Pharmaceuticals, Mariana Shumaker is responsible for developing the outlook and corresponding investment thesis, accomplishing portfolio risks, analyzing strategic rationale for all business development opportunities, as well as overseeing asset allocation. Her leadership provides the company with business strategies that are aligned to the firm’s growth objectives, and allow diversification in new complementary markets and products.

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